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For investors does an MBA make sense?

Article Credit: by Odyessy Search Partners Team, 20 July 2016 An investment firm hiring an analyst almost never requires the candidate have an MBA (and we have drafted countless role descriptions for public and private investing firms). But does that mean the MBA qualification isn’t worth it? There are many benefits of an MBA that

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Big European banks are hiring to fill these roles in the U.S.

Article Credit: by Dan Butcher 13 June 2016 European investment banks are, in theory, supposed to be making a play for a bigger share of the U.S. market. UBS says it’s still hiring on Wall Street, even as it keeps things steady elsewhere, and Deutsche Bank’s hiring freeze still means that it’s willing to

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Investment Bankers Get me out of here!

Article Credit: by Odyessy Search Partners Team, 03 July 2016 Odyssey recently surveyed over 100 nationwide first- and second-year investment banking analysts, from both bulge bracket banks and leading boutiques. The goal of the survey was to get a better sense of analyst sentiment towards recruiting practices and career choices. What we found were

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11 telltale signs that you’re about to be laid off

Article Credit: by Dan Butcher 15 June 2016 It’s always better to start looking for a new job while you still have one. But if you’re happy in your role and happy with your employer and happy with life in general, it makes little sense to bust a gut looking for alternatives – unless,

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Junior Investment Bankers Leaving Ever Earlier

Article Credit: by Odyessy Search Partners Team, 03 May 2016 The WSJ published an article this weekend on efforts by the big banks to stem departures of their junior investment bankers. These efforts included encouraging the analysts to consider long-term careers at the bank, allowing for faster advancement, giving more interesting work and greater client

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Anthony Keizner on the challenges currently facing the hedge fund industry

Cary Stier of Deloitte discusses the transformative role of technology, the adversity currently challenging the hedge fund industry, and the move away from alpha as a performance measure.


Are your Interviews as Rigorous as your Investment Process ?

Article Credit: by Odyessy Search Partners Team, 03 April 2016 While you may have heard of the Wonderlic test as it relates to the NFL and Andrew Luck, you may not have realized that many funds are now using that same test to screen their applicants. Wonderlic, Watson Glazer, Myers-Briggs, Hogan and Caliper are just

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